Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
Help Animals
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Dear friends,

if you support the idea of animal shelters, as a human way to solve the problem of abandoned cats , and if you care for animals, do not hesitate to help them.
They are living next to you, right now, and they need help!

In well organized countries, animal shelters like our i.e. the shelters where cats stay for the rest of their lives and die of natural causes, are sponsored by citizens and companies. Tradition and habit of giving is the only thing which makes them possible.

Cats from the shelters are counting on you.

How you can HELP ?

  • The main goal of our organization is to find suitable and permanent homes for our cats. In their new homes, cats from our shelter need to get all the attention and care they deserve. Also, the living conditions need to exceed their current living conditions in our shelter.

    All cats from our shelter are neutered, vaccinated against contagious diseases, cleaned of internal and external parasites, micro-chipped and tested for FIV/FeLV.

    Adoption conditions (for abroad):

    1. Please fill out our application for adoption
    2. Please send us pictures of your home and if you have some outdoors areas, pictures of that too.
    3. If you have cat or cats, we need a proof that your current cats are tested for FIV/FeLV.
    4. Like many other shelters, our shelter also have an adoption fee. Adoption fee should cover the costs of sterilisation, vaccination and transport (if the transport is arranged by the shelter).
    5. We are not supporters of the cats roaming free outside.
    6. Serbia is non-EU and when an animal is entering EU it needs to be vaccinated against rabies and to have Titar test done. (The rabies neutralizing antibody titration). It is done in "Pasteur" Institute in Novi Sad.
    7. Cat can travel to EU 45 days after its vaccination against rabies – by car (with the exception of UK)
    8. Cat can travel to UK 90 days after its vaccination against rabies.
    9. When a cat with special need is being adopted, the owner gets all of its veterinary documents.

    The initial part of the adoption procedure we typically organize via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , phone and/or direct contacts.


    By virtually adopting or sponsoring one of our cat or cats, You are ensuring them safe home, more comfortable life, veterinarian care. Details »


    If you want to help by donation, here you can find the instructions (Please, click on link):

    Payment in Euros - €    (iban: RS35325960190001184738)

    Payment in USD - $    (iban: RS35325960290000155466)

    For payment by check, please address it to:

    "Help Animals"
    11060 Belgrade
    S e r b i a

    Now you have the possibility of a simple donation via PayPal. Details »


    You can make a donation for a certain medical treatment that our cats need. Details »

  • It is not necessarily to make donation just by money
    Help us as much as you can, in a way that is convenient for you. It is not only money we need.
    We also need:
    - Old linen, tablecloths, curtains (all cotton) sewing pillows and pillowcases
    - Towels all sizes
    - Kitchen towels
    - Old T-shirts and tracksuits for staff working with cats
    - Rubber gloves
    - Plastic buckets
    - Tablets against internal parasites (Cestal-cat, DRONTAL-cat)
    - Broom
    - Detergents for machine washing
    - Cleaning means
    - Canned Food for Cats
    - Conveyors for cats
    - Toys for cats
    Please contact us to arrange the delivery.
  • Sponsorship by the companies.
    If you have a company or you just want  to be our sponsor, let us know. Especially, we invite the ones whose activities are connected to animals, to join us and provide financial or other kinds of aid and we will provide free advertising of your company on our Web site and at every occasion we contact the media. Your aid does not have to be financial, you are welcome to donate all things we could use: food, vaccines, medicines, office supplies, building material for animal boxes (concrete, bricks, wire, posts…), hoses, fuel, services (putting floors in boxes, building of dog houses…) and other kinds of help that you are able to provide.
    We are opened to any kind of agreement and ready to sign a contract about sponsorship.
    Please, let us know if we can make some good thing to our animals: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Inform the other people
    Send the information about our Web site, about our address to everybody you think they can help. Use e-mails, forums, letters, etc.
  • Please, put our baner or link to our address on your Web site, and let us know to do the same.

If there is something which is not clear or simply you have some questions for us, please do not hesitate to send e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cats from shelter "Jessica"