Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
Help Animals
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We are the citizens Association whose main activity is the protection of all animal species, in all circumstances, in which people are abusing, torturing, hurting and killing them. We are promoting the idea that animals are passive legal subjects and for that they have equal right to their only life, as well as any other living being of the species Homo sapiens, within there are active and passive legal subjects.

Our final goal is a society without hunting (eco-terrorism), animal testing, ritual and religious slaughtering, breeding of fur animals, intense and extensive cattle breeding, without everything that is harmful to people and animals, that is, to planet Earth. We are also promoting the idea of anti-speciesism because the beginning of the third millennium is a time when, in general, human consciousness is evolved enough to know the harmfulness of speciesism that is nourished with the egocentrism of the living being of its own kind.

The Association is founded in 1992.

From 1992 to 2000 the Association was only focused on the protection of dogs. Since 2000, when Zlata Korjenić was elected аs president, their activity included cats.

From 2000 to January 15th 2013 the main activity of the Association was the maintenance of the shelters for dogs and cats, that were part of the Association.

In 2009 the Republic of Serbia passed the best Animal Welfare Law in the world, that forbidds the killing of animals in shelters and instructs every city in Serbia to have shelters for dogs and cats.

The shelters of the Association “Help animals” are located in Belgrad. Since 2009 the city of Belgrade obeys the Animal Welfare Law and since then not one dog or cat was killed in a shelter. Since 2009 the city of Belgrade had opened 5 city shelters for dogs and there are 3500 dogs living in them. Unfortunately not a single shelter for cats had been opened.

Since 2000 the Association “Help Animals” found home for approximatelly 1000 dogs. But unfortunately the adoption of cats is symbolic and their number in the shelter, since 2000, increased drasticaly. When the shelter was opened in 2000, there were 430 dogs and 16 cats. On January 15th 2013 this numbers were: 146 dogs and 120 cats, plus 32 cats that are placed in two mini-shelters, for which “Help animals” provides food, so in total there are 152 cats.

There are countless private shelters for dogs in Serbia and 7.5 milion people. The Directory for Veterinary of the Republic of Serbia (Phone: +381113117100, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), keeps a record of the shelters in Serbia, that are registered in the Register of establishments for holding animals, according to the Rulebook of conditions that all animal shelters and pensions must fulfill. You would be unpleasantly surprised, just how many shelters actually take care of their cats. Cat Shelter “Jessica” is registered.

Cats, and countless other animals, don’t have any protection from the state or the citizens.

That is the main reason, the Association “Help Animals” on January 15th 2013 decided to focus its main activity on cats. Not only on shelter for cats, but also on every type of action that will ensure cats and all other animals in Serbia their rights.

Cats are extremly endangered in Serbia. There is only one registered shelter for cats, there are no programms that deal with problem of reproduction pyramid and state has no will to solve that problem. The education of citizens and their knowledge regarding cats are at its lowest level. They are being ruthlessly killed by stray dogs, poisoned by citizens (Poisons are being put in the basements of the apartment buildings.), new born kittens are being drowned or put in a plastic bags and dumped in trash. The thing that affects the most the tragic life of cats, are countless prejudices on this creatures, who were sacred animals during the time of pharaos. The Animal Welfare Law of the Republic of Serbia provides no hope for these wonderful and powerful creatures./p>

The Association “Help animals” didn’t abandoned 146 dogs in shelter “Riska”. The Association “Help animals” and its president had ensured the further survival of dogs:

  • Contract of donation has been signed between the president of “Help animals” Zlata Korjenić and legal representative of the Association “Hope for animals-Riska”, that took further care of the dogs. Zlata Korjenić, as the part-owner, donated her part of the parcel registered under the number 4133/2 in ZKUL 946 Borča, size 4,760.00 m2, along with the house, size 49m2 and 2 economical buildings.
  • The Association “Help Animals” gave away 100% of the donation from Zepter International and all of the donations from abroad to the Association “Hope for animals-Riska”.