Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
Help Animals
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TNR - Trap, Neuter, Release

There are only two registered shelters for cats in Serbia. Cats are invisible in this society even though there are twice as many abandoned cats than dogs.

Their pyramid of reproduction is twice as large as that of dogs, and there are currently several hundred thousand stray cats in Serbia, maybe even a million. One female can give birth to as many as 12 kittens per year. Unfortunately, only 25% of those kittens survive. The state and its institutions are not doing anything about it, there is no reproduction control program for cats or dogs.

The association Help Animals exists since 1992. Experience has shown that there is no shelter with the capacity to take in all the unfortunate cats in this country. The only real and sustainable solution is to sterilize pet cats. Our association has been fighting for 3 decades, but no government had the understanding to solve this problem. No one educates pet owners.

After the outbreak of the corona virus, countless cats ended up on the street. Due to the impossibility of helping everyone, we decided to launch a campaign to sterilize stray, abandoned cats. We have reached an excellent agreement with several veterinary practices. Sterilization of females with a few days of recovery costs €26, and castration of males costs €18.

We have created a network of volunteers and people who take care of stray cats. They catch them, take them to the vet to be sterilized and return them to their location. That number is increasing every day.

Every sterilized cat is in our records, its name, photos, serial number under which it was sterilized, the location where it was caught and to which it was returned, as well as the name of the volunteer/guardian. You can see the gallery of those cats here, and the serial number will tell you how many cats have been sterilized to this day. Upon your request, we can email you detailed information about each cat.

Help us so that we can help further! Donate for the sterilization of abandoned cats!

Don’t allow them to suffer on the street: cold, heat, thirst, hunger, poisoning, torture, reproduction.


Payment in Euros - €  (iban: RS35325960190001184738), note: TNR

Payment in USD - $  (iban: RS35325960290000155466), note: TNR

Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., note: TNR


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